Crisis Care Services

Crisis Care

When obstacles arise, like the death of a loved one or traumatic event, coping with the ensuing feelings can be challenging. In more extreme cases, this can lead to rash decision making like contemplating suicide or other self-destructive actions. When a patient poses a threat to their own or someone else’s physical safety, Baton Rouge Behavioral Hospital offers a Crisis Care program to help.

Crisis Care Treatment Options

Patients suffering from a severe mental health crisis can retreat to a safe place to reflect, reset, and heal. Our licensed health professionals help patients learn how to work through a crisis and develop better coping skills. The crisis care program offers the following treatment services:

  • Group Therapy: allows patients to discuss their experiences in a group setting while under the supervision of a mental health care professional.
  • Individual Therapy: offers one-on-one counseling with a mental health provider to dive deeper into patient experiences, thoughts, and goals and develop coping mechanisms to deal with them.
  • Family Therapy: helps patients communicate their feelings to their support systems in a productive way to ensure that they have a successful crisis care plan established.
  • Medication Evaluation: helps patients determine the effect that medications may have on their mental illness. Our staff will go over their current medication list and evaluate if there needs to be a change in prescription, dosage, etc.
  • Psycho-Educational Groups: offers time for patients to learn more about their specific disorders and how to cope with common issues related to them.
  • Therapeutic Activity Groups: allows patients to come together in activities and have fun while still focusing on how to work through their mental health crisis.
  • Aftercare/Discharge Planning: provides patients with follow-up resources to ensure they have clear direction on how to continue their recovery after discharge.

Mental Health Crisis Symptoms and Causes

Mental health crisis causes vary. Some of the more common crisis causes include relationship issues, depression, loneliness, emotional or physical abuse, grief, and substance abuse.

When someone experiences a crisis, their personality and actions change from the ordinary. Common crisis symptoms include:

  • distancing oneself from previously important relationships
  • inability to do daily tasks like going to work
  • no longer feeling the need to take care of oneself
  • experiencing intense emotions or lashing out

If you or a loved one are experiencing these types of dramatic character changes, it may be time to seek help.

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The Baton Rouge Behavioral Hospital is a 24-hours a day, seven days a week facility with a crisis care program that focuses on mental health and substance abuse. If you or a loved one requires a crisis care program, please contact us online or at 225-300-8470.

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