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Adult Mental Health Services: When to Seek Care

Tens of millions of people in the United States live with a mental illnesses. Of them, less than half will receive treatment from adult mental health services. These programs have been repeatedly shown to improve symptoms and quality of life for people who are struggling mentally, but many people will still resist seeking treatment or...
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Identity disturbance

Identity Disturbance: Finding Identity in BPD

Identity disturbance is a phrase used to describe a loss of your sense of self. It is a key characteristic of borderline personality disorder (BPD) and can be a troubling symptom for those experiencing it. However, finding treatment for your BPD can help you to build a strong sense of identity and help you to...
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best treatment for schizophrenia

Choosing the Best Treatment for Schizophrenia

The best treatment for schizophrenia is always the one that best matches your treatment goals. And schizophrenia treatment goals are unique, but often include items like: Relief from symptoms Maintaining independence Minimizing side effects of treatment Providing a higher level of safety This list is not exhaustive, and many people with schizophrenia have different goals...
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Depression After Drinking

What Causes Depression After Drinking Alcohol?

Alcohol use affects everyone differently. However, depression after drinking alcohol is a common phenomenon for those who drink regularly. This is because of the effect that alcohol has on the brain, which can contribute to or worsen feelings of anxiety and sadness. While some can experience this after only one drink, for many it’s a...
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how to stop drinking

How to Stop Drinking: Strategies for Lasting Sobriety

Did you know that 17 million adults in America have both a substance use disorder and a co-occurring mental health condition? Also known as dual diagnosis, these issues can combine and reinforce each other in the worst ways. And when you’re trying to figure out how to stop drinking, that can create substantial roadblocks on...
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Prozac and alcohol

Prozac and Alcohol: Why Drinking and SSRIs Are a Dangerous Combination

Drinking is, for better or worse, a standard part of American culture. Unwinding with a glass of wine or beer after work or weekend drinks are normalized activities. But mixing Prozac and alcohol could lead to more serious issues than you’d expect. Prozac is an antidepressant that must be taken every day. But what many...
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late-onset schizophrenia

Could Late-Onset Schizophrenia Be Causing New Problems?

For most people with schizophrenia, symptoms first appear during adolescence or young adulthood. And while this can be a confusing time, at least upon its resolution, individuals are usually set up to manage their schizophrenia symptoms throughout the rest of their lives. However, in certain cases, late-onset schizophrenia can appear well into adulthood, which can...
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what does it mean to relapse

What Is Mental Health Relapse? 5 Relapse Triggers to Know

When you hear the word relapse, you probably think of someone addicted to drugs or alcohol. And while it can be a relevant term for people with those issues, relapse is also a common problem for individuals living with mental health conditions. But what is a mental health relapse? And what can you do to...
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mental health coping skills

How Mental Health Coping Skills Can Help You Today

Everyone goes through emotional stress. From demanding jobs to relationship troubles, it’s normal to experience stress that affects your mood and makes life difficult. And even if you don’t have a behavioral health condition, mental health coping skills are important to help everyone get through these tough times. But mental health coping skills are particularly...
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Coping with Depression

10 Coping Mechanisms for Depression Near the Holidays

The holidays can be equally joyous and stressful. Fulfilling expectations of gifting, visiting, cooking, and entertaining can lead to tension and exhaustion. Unfortunately, for those battling depression, this sense of overwhelm can have an even greater impact. However, there are techniques that may help in these situations. Learning coping mechanisms for depression around the holidays...
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